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Kansas City International Airport

Murals by IT-RA Icons

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In 2022, IT-RA Icons was selected among a cohort of vendors to paint a selection of murals at the Kansas City International Airport by Vantage Airport Group. The project quickly evolved to cover 5 walls with 9 murals, and the collaboration with our friends of the arts on 9 unique bench designs. The body of work for the murals encompasses icons, figures, memories, and experiences through our lens growing up and living in Kansas City. 

IT-RA Icons is a collaboration of Kansas City Muralist duo Isaac Tapia and Rodrigo Alvarez. The Duo began working together in the summer of 2017. Since then, the artists have been commissioned to paint over 60 Murals in the Kansas City metro area and beyond. Their diverse body of work is united by vibrant colors, evolving designs and themes that celebrate their communities and honor their identities as artists who migrated to the US at a very young age. (more)

Special thanks to the following artists for their contribution to Kansas City International Airport murals:

Yarana French, Molly Emanuel McGlynn, Blake Woodward

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The Murals



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